It was a lovely december,with streets filled with beautiful snowflakes.Even the dew on the bare trees were frozen and so was her heart.The birds were chirping and a ray of sunlight crossed across her face,though she can’t feel anything.She was full of dreams,but I suppose December wasn’t lucky for her!The grey December shattered her dreams into disasters.With a misty eyes,she recalled those sweet memories which turned out as air puffs within seconds.She was struck up in loops,trying hard to differtiate reality and virtuality-two extreme poles.Searching for the words written in water,she lost her reflection.Nights became endless and she competed with the owls,whereas days were  filled with darkness.With fear suppressed in her heart,she was locked in a room of loneliness. Now her dreams were portrayed as nightmares.Then,one fine dusk,sunrays showed themselves on the snowy path.She attained the real freedom as her fears were drained out.The paths were clear,there were new leaflets on the trees and the birds flew sky high with their wings wide open,extending their warm welcome towards the upcoming spring!!


Justice for Jallikattu

Legendary Event:

The main goal of my article is to spread awareness about Jallikattu not only across Tamilnadu,but throughout India.Let me brief  the term “Jallikattu” whoever is new to it.Jallikattu –Yeru thazhuvuthal in tamil ,literally known as bull embracing is a traditional event which has million years of history.Jallikattu is well practiced since the Tamil classic times 100 BC .It is conducted in Tamilnadu during the Pongal festival(Harvest festival).

Ban on Jallikattu:

Peta-People for the Ethical Treatment of animals, an American organization claimed that, the bulls were under abuse and Jallikattu was a cruel event.They stated that the bulls are given alcohol and the people torment it.A case was filed in 2004 against Jallikattu by the Animal Welfare Board of India,with the support of Peta.As a result, the Supreme Court of India banned Jallikattu in 2014.

Ironical Reality:

According to Peta,the bulls are not taken care of and are tortured.But let’s know the real facts.

  • For a bull to participate in Jallikattu,proper food diet should be maintained.An average of thousand rupees is spent per day for it’s maintenance,which is not an easy thing to afford by a farmer.
  • Once it has reached it’s adolescent age,it is then trained for Jallikattu.During the event,once the trainer gives the signal it will run towards him and not because of the nervousness.
  • Before the event starts,both the bull as well as the participant will undergo medical tests.Only after the assurance given by the vet and the doctors to the district collector,they can participate.
  • Further,one can hold only the hump of a bull and should not touch any other parts.If he does,then he will be out of the game.

Strangely,I don’t sense any animal cruelty in it as Peta does.

Importance of Jallikattu:

  • The most important thing is that,bulls that are able to participate successfully in Jallikattu are used as studs for breeding.By this way,the wild nature of the bulls are passed on to the next generations.
  • They are less susceptible to diseases and produce higher quality of milk which has no side effects.
  • After the Jallikattu event,these bulls are used for farming and other domestic purposes and fetch high rates in the market.

Consequences of the Ban:

  • Firstly,the era of Bos indicus breed bull will come to an end.
  • The jersey cows will take over the empty space, which are cross breeds.
  • The milk provided by the jersey cows  will increase diabetes and lead to mental disorder and various health issues.
  • These cross breeds can give up to 4500l of milk per breeding ,but only 4 times.They produce  up to 18,000l milk in their lifetime.
  • Though the country breeds provide only 2500l per breeding,they can give it 10-12 times.In addition to it,they produce up to 30,000l of milk in their lifetime.

Break the barriers:

Once the cross breeds enter our country,the foreign dairies will take up the Indian Dairy market.There will be a large break through in our economy.Jallikattu acts as a barrier in preventing it.We have lost ourselves in the corporate world,but Jallikattu is our last saviour to protect our rights.We have lost the country breed cocks and dogs and landed up with KFC chicken and labrador.As a last measure,we can atleast save our bulls.This protest is not meant only for the tamilians,but to each and every Indian who doesn’t want to be a slave of the MNCs.Arise,awake and extend your support for Jallikattu all over India.

                             Bulls are neither our prey,nor we are the predators!




Search of humanity

Humanity-We can define it as human values or even portray it as social ethics.It’s quite obvious that all are aware of this term.But how many of them live according to it?The answer is undepictable.Let us just recall the golden life led by our ancestors.
Ancient civilization:
    During  the age of civilization, not only the cities developed and new inventions were born.Apart from that,a beautiful thing called humanity blossed among the hearts of the fellowship. Well,even if it is a myth or reality,there are a lot of legendary examples that adorn humanity.People treated everyone equally and harmed none.Even if it is an animal, they cared for them.They knew how to bind with the eco-system and they lived accordingly.There was no jealousy,anger,corruption or fraud.Our ancestors knew the human values and they were all united by love and humanity.
Modern age:
        Things changed and we stepped into the modern era.We  were overwhelmed by the sophisticated life as a child gets excited over a candy.But not only the technology grew,the evil was also sprouted in the hearts of the people.We all search for the devil outside, while it’s with us for the whole time.Most of the people are devoted and no Holy book says to get revenge or hurt anyone.
Universal law:
        Is it an unstated legitimate law, that the weak should be deprived by the strong?Even though there is an economical imbalance the cycle repeats. The rich gets richer and the  poor gets poorer.Excluding them the situation of an average comman man is still worst. He’s thrown to a state where he’s crushed by the rich and cursed by the poor.What a fantabulous fate!Untill now the major issue that prevailed was this imbalance in economy, corruption and it’s subcrimes.But to add oil to the flame here comes the harassment.
Increasing harassment:
         The word harass may sound light phonetically. But it is the worst kind of pain a person can ever undergo,especially woman.Are woman created to satisfy the needs of men?They are not puppets to swing along with you.They are also human beings who have emotions and dreams.Do they also need to ask the permission of men to even breathe?Why does this society doesn’t respect a women’s dreams.Increasing the percentage in favour of  woman at the parliament alone does not fullfill their quests.Only when the male chauvinistic society stops treating them as drugs, they can raise. Love is a mutual feeling and how can one person expect it to bloom on the other out of force?If a person truly loves one, then he/she should know to respect their feeling.Anger is like a tumour.It spreads overall the  body and blinds our mind.In haste and grudge,the blind person lands up hurting the other,sometimes even cruel.
          Mahathma Gandhi once told,“When, a woman can be able to walk home on her own at night, then India will attain full independence.”
           He also stated that “The culture of a country resides in the hearts and souls of the people”.
             Even a woman can’t walk home alone at night, at the very least she should be able to carry herself  during the daytime.But is the present scenario is viable for that?Few years back a young Delhi girl was raped and killed.But the boy is living his life without any guilt in the name of under aged in the Indian jurisdiction.Is driving a bike without licence before 18 and raping a woman before 18 are similar?Even a person is fined for drunk and drive and other sort of crimes.But how could a person live a carefree life after he has committed such a sin.
              Last week a young girl was killed in the center of the railway station among thousands of people.Was there not even a one person who could protect her?Embrace her?They saw her live floating amidst the blood stream.When people have time to take snaps and upload it  in social media,why didn’t a simgle soul had time to call the ambulance or contact the police?Are they not ashamed to be born on this democratic, ahimsa based, traditional country our mother India?In the past,we could hear the howls of wolves in the night.But nowadays we could only hear the screams of women in the nook and corner of the world.Even after all this,the guilt won’t be punished,because it’s against human values. Wow!
            All those souls of the harassed woman won’t rest in peace, until the future is secured by  harsh laws.A sincere request to all men out there:”You don’t need to protect a woman.The least you can do is not to hurt her physically or emotionally . Just think of your mother and sisters before molesting her. Feel the pain in her lifeless eyes. Then you won’t bear to get near her,if you still have some left over humanity in you.”

With  lots of hopes and desires,a humble heart trembling for a revolution. Thank you for spending a piece of your precious time towards the change.




She is the burning candle thread
Sacrificing , the light she spread;
She has a tender heart
Filled with full of warmth.
She builds the web
An emotional hub.
She has  magical eyes
The soul it sees…
The unheard whispers,
are poured out to her.
She is the root of an emerging tree
Armour of a fighting soldier;
Tides tore her apart…
Fragile was she;
Breached was her dreams.
But there she stood again,
adorable with a thriving heart.
It was then I found solace in her;


Frozen Twilight

There stands still,
your warm memories!!
Locked inside a chamber of emotions ,was you;
deep and dense,
awaiting to come out.
Hidden in the corner,you peeped out;checking if I was okay..
No,indeed!! I was filled with despair;until you stood before me.
Little drops peered through my longing eyes.Wondering!
My heart beat faster than drums;
Shivering was my hands;a chill ran through my blood;I became dumb.
Being frozen, I tiptoed slowly;towards you.
You turned into a smoke ;
Mixed up with the moist..
In a flash.
But I can feel you in my every breath;until my death!
My eyes turned red as the sun set ;
There came twilight!!



It was an usual sunny day with it’s warmth at peak.We were having a conversation about the prickly heat’s harshness.As i was passing through the pathway to my school, I recoiled my childhood and became nastologic for some reason.I thought of the times we used to ride in the auto rickshaws,which flew among the heavy traffic filled road,borderd by Ashoka trees along side.That was the first time,I came across a tree which had a person’s name.So I developed a special interest in it.I would wonder how tall the tree is and often confuse it with the X-Mas tree…How funny!Then that dark day arrived. As I was retuning to my home,the evergreen road was filled with full of saw dust. My head hurted at the mere sound of the drilling machine.Yes,the officials ordered to clear those shadow shelters for the expansion of the road.My eyes became wet not because of the dust,but as I saw the tree that I inspired all through my childhood,being demolished in front of my eyes. As the officials wished,the roads were broadened, but the people’s mind narrowed.The great king Ashoka planted those trees with the intension that,trees are the life saviours.But amidst the process of   renovating our city,we forget to nurthure them and blame the Mother Earth for drought and scarcity of rain. Indeed,human nature is the most ridiculous thing to understand.Suddenly my chain of thoughts were broken, when a small pellet of water fell on me.I saw the sky which had dark circles . Ofcourse it has been a while, since the nature has rested in a pollution free environment. The splendid smell of the soil passed through my nostrils and with my shallow mind,I stopped on the sidewalk under my single leftover Ashoka tree,as it started raining.Our minds should be as vast as the branches of a tree.Let’s take a resolution to save our Mother Earth,this Earth day!!!

Memes or Monsters

Nowadays,the most widespread tool in the hands of each and every individual is the  memes.Memes are simple images with humorous text and wits.They are the key factors in portraying the current fairs as fast as the speeding electrons.


1.Memes act as a social iconography to reveal the truth in an easier way.
2.In the past,if a person needs to complaint about something or someone, he would approach the civil or consumer court.
3.But times have  changed.It has become an emerging trend to speak of the pubic affairs in a powerful platform,the social media.
4.Worthy messages are shared and therefore discipline also develops in the society.
5.Memes act as a mask and it deals with any kind of political affairs or any social injustice, regardless of the consequences.
6.They encore the public responsibility and create an awareness among the subjects.


1.Well, how far the memes look mellowing,they also act as humongous monsters.
2.The first reason is that,memes are used as a public disgrace.
3.The meme creators get an immense pleasure,when they embarass a celebrity or a leader.
4.While the legends are calm and strong, why do the empty vessels make noises?
5.Hurting one’s emotions is not a hobby. Memes should harness the people.
6.But it’s breaking the bonds between the fellows and creating hatred.

According to the statistics,India holds the first rank among the Asian countries for public disgrace in the social networks.Memes are indeed mysterious and similar to


a joker.They seem funny at the outlook,but dark and deadly behind their masks.Well, let’s hope  memes won’t be a mess in the future,provided we nurture the human values!!!


Break point

When my wings became old as  if I can’t breathe,I was struck up in the same tree.I used to envy the creepy catterpillar,for it seemed to lead a lazy smoothy life,filling it’s tummy with the greeny leaves and insects.No hardship, indeed.Whereas, I couldn’t go out to catch my prey. But one day,the catterpillar became so weak,as if it was on the edge of it’s life.I wondered what was happening!Those creepy eyes caught my wavering eyes and said”Life may seem to fall out today, but only to start a new era! “With  those shiny eyes it turned out into  a beautiful butterfly the next day.It flew with those eye catchy wings towards a colourful garden,as I watched out my way!!